The Cheating spouse And His Forgiving Girlfriend Who Thinks Sex Phone Chat Is Not Truly Being Unfaithful.

We’ve all had conversations where the issue connected with unfaithfulness is discussed and just lately I had such a discussion with a neighbor who was basically telling me that she had caught her man making calls to some phone chat sex numbers, and just how she had become so frustrated because he had been using her own visa or mastercard to purchase the telephone calls! “I am thankful that these were low cost phone sex discussions” she eventually stated regarding all those phonesex talks he had been taking pleasure in without telling her, as if he should really be applauded for having had the good sense of picking low-cost phone sex as opposed to more expensive sex phone numbers! I asked if that was the only reason she was annoyed about, considering that, if my own hubby happened to be sleaze-bag enjoying adult one-on-one erotic interactions with other girls, I suspect I may have turned out to be furious about the whole thing!

“You know” she asserted finally… “Not really. Maybe in the beginning I suppose I was, I mean he was getting in touch with other girls to fill needs that I was supposed to be filling, but I realized that there was really no harm done. He was getting in touch with people he’d previously not seen in his life, to act on fantasy impulses which i may be not comfortable with and I assume I did feel uncomfortable, yet also willing to put in context.

Wouldn’t you agree that when we go out with the girls sometimes, some of us get into more mischief than my dear husband does?”

I was really intrigued by her reaction, or lack thereof. This was my friend. My dear childhood friend. The person who covered for me when I sneaked out one day to go out on a date with a guy my parents didn’t approve of. The girl who had her fist kiss on prom day. And there she was being so open minded. She actually didn’t see anything wrong. More than that, she saw his “indiscretions” for what they really were. Meaningless simply because of the anonymous nature of the women he had been intimate with. “He is having an affair with a fantasy” she had said, and I couldn’t find any flaw in her reasoning.

After all, is there any husband out there who doesn’t watch porn whenever he can, alone, without the company of his lady? “Bob (my husband) watches porn and I’ve caught him many times”! I had to admit. “Thinking about, I was crossed with him, but not because of what he was doing, but rather because he hadn’t thought I might want to join in the fun”!

And just as I was going to develop my chain of thoughts further, my friend cut me off:

“Here is the thing… After I made him feel guilty for using my credit card without my authorization, I suggested that next time he was going to call one those lines, he should be doing when I was there, listening in… After all, if he was having fun on the side, shouldn’t I be included?”

That “floored me”! Literally knocked me off my seat! To think that this was the same girl who “saved” herself for her husband, who had a first French kiss when she was nearly 18. And this was the sweet, innocent woman who was telling me that was entertaining the idea of a threesome, even if it was to take place by way of mobile love!

“And…. Did you?” I at long last asked her.

“Yes…” She said. “And before you ask, yes, it was a lot of fun!”

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